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Web & App Development

Custom Web App & Mobile App Development

Web and native device application development services for any size business. From small, non-functional, one page web applications for small businesses. To large-scale, highly functional (front & back end), and meticulously designed websites or applications for corporate clients. I've worked on about every fork of industry I can think of... and can adapt quickly to new ones. Clients also range from individuals to large corporations. Only modern techniques are used... no Flash, tables, or deprecated elements in my development process. 

Administrative User Interface (UI)

UI development is gaining more and more popularity as people and business owners understand the value of such aspects. The most common use is for keeping contact data, manipulating contact data, creating email lists and sending emails to these contacts, etc. There are many more uses than just a contact manager. These might include labor management, inventory, document management, scheduling. This list is actually infinite if you consider there's probably at least one use for every industry you can think of.  Time should be spent to make sure your investment in an administrative UI should pay for itself by making your business run more efficient (and usually saving time and money).

Custom App Development

Custom app development can be done for web, native (phones and other devices), or both.  Web applications can be created with traditional methods such as PHP & MySQL or with more modern approaches such as ReactJS and Node.  Native mobile app development would be coded in React Native packages using Expo for quick and easy builds and deployment to both Android and iOS devices.