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Website Development Services

For UI development, custom database tables are created to hold the data. Web forms are typically created as a way to get the data to the database. Then the UI (user interface) is created as a method of displaying, sorting, and manipulating the data.

PHP is used to transfer and retrieve data from the database tables. jQuery, Javascript, and CSS are used to organize the data in a user friendly environment.

A custom database development project can be of use in many ways. Some examples of useful UIs include employee time sheet organization, inventory control, sales management, customer data and retention, marketing purposes, property listings (for real estate)... the list goes on. And the list is pretty much up to your imagination and the type of data your business collects. Please contact me if you would like to go over some of your business goals and/or discuss how a custom database and UI can help your business to grow or run more efficiently.

Database/UI Demo

I have created a sample database and user interface for demonstration purposes. You will need credentials (a user and password) in order to access most areas in order to input or manipulate data in the database. Please contact me to request credentials so you can log in and get the full impact of this demonstration.

Please note that the data set in this database is limited. You can look at the full set of data and select date ranges within that set or leave the date range empty.