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Web & App Development

Tim was recommended HIGHLY via a mutual friend who is also in the same industry. First of all after my experience with Tim I will never hire another web designer/builder/developer. He is THE Guy. He took the very limited amount of data that I had and made me look like a pro. His way of organizing data and making it look the very best it can is amazing. I have had 2 other web pros before him and he just crushes the competition. He handles everything and if you don't like something he will fix it the way you want it. He wants to make you happy. I have more web work coming down the pike and they will be give to Tim, with out question. I have added him to my "Team" (if you will) and because of his work, my web presence is booming. He even got me to be 12th in my SEO category in a 2 weeks. His work is nuts. You just have to use him and forget all the rest. You will be SO glad you did. You don't find pros like him very often. Thank you for making me a star in my own right Tim!