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I've looked and looked... there's nothing in the JED that works for this.  There is one plugin that supposedly does this (Nomad), but all it really does is through up a bunch of JS errors in the console when you try to add more than 1 rule.  Even tried manipulating the database data for the plugin and couldn't get it working.  Seems simpler to just write a PHP script and stick it in a custom HTML module (I use Custom HTML Advanced) - and assign that to the home page only.  Here's the script...

$user = JFactory::getUser();
$groups = $user->get('groups');
foreach($groups as $group) {
if ($group==10) {
$goto =& JFactory::getApplication();
if ($group==11) {
$goto =& JFactory::getApplication();

So there's no need to install a plugin for something this simple. That is, if there were such a plugin.

Of course you'll have to change the group numbers and redirection URL. Just look in the user group manager to decide what number to replace '10' and '11' with. And I'm sure you can figure out where you need them redirected to.

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