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If you are doing things exactly as you should to rename table prefixes and getting errors, it's probably just another phpMyAdmin bug.  I find them ALL THE TIME.  phpMyAdmin is sometimes your friend and sometimes a junky piece of crap.  Anyway, for some reason when I select multiple tables (with the same prefix) and select (with selected) 'replace table prefix', it throws errors or does nothing whatsoever.  But, when I select a couple at a time instead of 10+ at a time, it works.  It's just another example of poor coding in the coding industry from all the outsourcing being done.

So just do it a few at a time or do it using SQL directly.

Almost forgot... there's another bug to this process.  If you try to just select a few more to 'replace prefix', it will throw an error.  You have to refresh the web page between every replace.  Garbage.
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