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If you’re going to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the other big networks for marketing your business, I think for most business owners that actually have tried different networks, it’s obvious which one to use.  Of course, you want to have a profile on every account.  But there’s only one where you can post to all of them easily… Instagram.  When you post to Instagram, it gives you options to post to Facebook and Twitter [and Tumblr].  So it’s a no-brainer if you don’t want to post multiple times to all 3 of the major accounts.  Thanks, Instagram!

Of course, there's also the 2nd Tier Social Networks... Snapchat, YouTube, LinkedIn (for specific types of bus), Google+, and a few others.  Those would have to be handled individually.  Unless there's an app for that! [haha]  I'm sure there is honestly, but I don't care to look right now.  If I get that much social media SEO motivation to look, I'll edit this entry.  Back to the fun stuff! [coding]

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