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Welcome to the new and improved clunky junky Google Chrome.  I used to love Chrome.  But... anything that forces caching is my enemy.  Used to have to only deal with shady ISP's like your cable company trying to cache everything to save bandwidth.  Now, it's even more difficult with Google being stingy with bandwidth.  What do they have to lose from people using bandwidth anyway?  Maybe it's because of Google Fibre.  If that's the case, then they're just as stingy as the cable companies they talk shit about.

Anyway, I found a way that works sometimes.  If you append a different URL for the style sheet every time, it helps.  Not 100% because Google still recognizes the URL and pulls a cache of the actual styles.  Cheap.  Junky.  Clunky.  Chrome.  I suppose maybe if you did this for every page of the site.. appended a random variable, that it might work better.
<?php $cache=mt_rand(10000,99999);?>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/templates/tjohnsj3/css/style.css<?php echo '?ver='.$cache;?>" type="text/css" />
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For some reason today, I was having extreme difficulties loading the map view on Craigslist listings.  I found that it's not Craigslist, but an issue with Chrome.  Had to dust off and open Internet Explorer now to use Craigslist with map view.  It's now been 5 minutes and Chrome is still trying to load the map... bummer.
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I thought PrefixFree was cool until I realized it creates an issue with Chrome Inspector. You can no longer de-bug your styles easily. Before PrefixFree, you could look to see exactly where your CSS bugs were... the class/ID and line number of your style sheet would show in the inspector. Then you could find and fix it easily. But, if you use PrefixFree, you won't see where the class or ID is located in your style sheet. What a pain. So, is PrefixFree still worth using??? I would say no. But, I'll update this if I find a fix.

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If you download Chrome Canary, you can now edit css transitions and css animations much easier.  This short video shows how to pause and control the speed of animations on web pages...

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