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I was asked nearly a year ago to log into a client's Blogger account.  I've signed out of it probably 50 times now and it just keeps logging me back in automatically.  I don't know if this is a Chrome Bug or if it's Blogger, being obviously unsecure.  But either way, it's not safe to log into Blogger unless you're on your own machine.  

Blogger... signed in as someone else:

Blogger... clicked sign out:

Blogger... made me sign back into my Google account even though I'm already signed in:

Blogger... page pops back up after signing in as myself; but it shows that I'm signed in as someone else AGAIN:

Bottom line... don't trust Blogger.  It's very UNSECURE!!!

I'm not sure where the bug lies, but I believe it is a Chrome bug so I categorized it as so.
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Chrome is no longer good for development!

Chrome caches web pages.  There's no way to fix it.  There is a big thread in the Chrome forum and it was closed without resolving.

Whoever made it so that chrome caches web pages needs to have their stupid little fingers CUT OFF.

I'm NOT going to clear my cache every time I make a change to a web page!

Here's the thread that was closed without resolving
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Went to click on address bar in Google Chrome and it wouldn't let me edit the address.  Actually, it wouldn't put the text cursor in the address bar so that I could even attempt to edit.  It's like the browser didn't recognize the address bar as an editable area.

Temporarily resolved the issue by opening task manager and ending process on the Chrome instance that was using the most resources.  Then restarting Chrome.
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