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Not the first bug I've fixed with DJ Classifieds.  There is a LOT!

Anyway, the first thing you have to do is edit /components/com_djclassifieds/themes/WedBorrow/views/additem.  Even though I have the system settings set to 'Buy Now: Yes' and 'Allow Auctions: No', it is not showing the buy now option and the option is set to no.  First of all, it's a classified system... there should be no option for 'buy now' if you're not using the auctions!  Anyway, you have to change this line:
<option value="1" <?php if($this->item->buynow){echo 'SELECTED'; }?> ><?php echo JText::_('JYES');?></option>


<option value="1" SELECTED><?php echo JText::_('JYES');?></option>
Then you should hide the yes/no option for 'buy now'.  Like I mentioned, it's stupid and pointless for such a thing to show in just a classified system.  The developers here also don't bother to put any kind of unique styles on their fields.  So around line 55 find:
<div class="djform_field">

And add a class to it like:

<div class="djform_field hidden">

Now you can add a style in your CSS such as .hidden {display:none;}.

Next issue: there's no friggin way for guests to purchase items!!! Why should you have to log in to buy something on a classified site???

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