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If you can't logout of Community Builder (2.x) with Joomla (3.x), you might have looked at the 20+ page in the CB forums without finding the answer.  Most of those posts are for old versions of CB and Joomla and are related to 3rd party plugins. 

Anyway, here's how I fixed it.

I thought it might be one of the CB modules.  Disabling the CB Content module in the main extensions>manager area of Joomla completely fixes the issue.  But I needed a couple CB modules so I enabled one, but disabled it using Advanced Module Manager to make it so it doesn't show on /logout.  

That worked still!  But here's the thing...

Both modules have the exact same settings (do not display on the logout page).  But, with 'module a' enabled and 'module b' enabled, you have to hit logout a second time (still shows the sessions error the first time).  Also does it with 'module a' enabled and 'module b' disabled.  But doesn't do it with 'modules a' disabled and 'modules b' enabled.  With the exact same settings.  Makes no sense.

But this might be a resolution if you're only using one CB Content Module.

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