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Field Type: Integer (Extreme VM Usage)

I was creating a field of type integer, and when I published it, I got a 500 internal server error. And got some 'could not connect to SQL' errors, etc. Called hosting company to verify it was definitely coming from the site I am working on. It was. Looked over server logs and they said virtual memory usage spikes caused it. Looked at the logs while testing and it was obvious that the field type integer was the culprit. Published/unpublished that field at 11:10 and 11:26. I attached a snapshot of the VM usage highlighting the spikes (215MB & 512MB). I also published/unpublished a couple other types of fields around that time and they did not cause any spikes at all (0 MB showing).

For this reason, I highly recommend not using the integer field until the bug is resolved.  It has been reported to Joomlapolis.

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