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This is what I did to solve a few issues with Community Builder Gallery Plugin.  Actually, they're just imperfections in the new build...

When uploading an image, there is a textarea to enter comments about the image into.  If you upload more than one image, it doesn't show the text.  This is basically a bug but who knows if it will be fixed.  So I just hid the textarea via CSS.

Also, just after uploading an image, you're presented with the image, a textarea (just mentioned above), a delete button, a save button, and a done button.  Really?  There should only be ONE button unless your website is called ButtonLand.

Since, after hiding the textarea, there is no reason for the save button (it only saved text, which didn't display sometimes).  So removing the panel that holds the save and delete buttons does the trick here.  Below is the simple CSS item...

.galleryShareEdit.galleryItemsNewEdit textarea#description, .galleryShareEdit.galleryItemsNewEdit .row.panel-footer {
Also, they javascript alert that pops up warning that all changes will be lost is completely pointless.  I didn't want to alter anything that would get overwritten with updates so I used jQuery to click the confirm button instantly and put this in a module that's displayed only on that page...

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(".galleryButtonDone").click(function() {

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