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Yes,  another Virtuemart bug.  I've been fixing Virtuemart bugs since V1.0.  It's always came PACKED with bugs.  But that's okay because it's taught me a lot of lessons... and made me very comfortable working with the templates and VM code.  Could be worse... could be working with WordPress+WooCommerce - the worst e-commerce solution known to man.

EDIT: times have changed.  WordPress+WooCommerce is now my favorite CMS e-commerce extension/plugin.  It's difficult to make 'pretty', but the functionality is solid (compared to Virtuemart and many others).  I no longer use Virtuemart except on old stores where it's already been implemented.

Anyway, you have to get the latest version.  Then when you go to install v3.0.6.4 (the latest at the time of writing this), there's a bug in the installer!!!   It just tries installing for 5 minutes or so, then goes to a 404 page.  Crappy, but it works.  If you go to 'manage' in the installation manager, you'll see that the version is now v.  And the save button works now.  I don't know if it's necessary, but I also installed v3.0.6.4 of the aio (all in one) package - just in case.  Hopefully this doesn't create more bugs.

EDIT: once again, don't use Joomla for e-commerce.  Use WordPress+WooCommerce... or if you must, Shopify might be okay.  The absolute best may actually be Magento.  But Magento is EXTREMELY overpriced and not affordable for small businesses usually.  And it's a pain to host yourself because they don't want you to (they want to host it, thus collecting even more money making it even more expensive - a shame).

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