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Language Overrides/Modifications

This can be done through the language manager. Or, you can copy the contents of \components\com_djclassifieds\language\en-GB\en-GB.com_djclassifieds.ini into your language overrides file at \language\overrides\en-GB.override.ini and alter that file at will.

Modifying the Theme

  • Inside \components\com_djclassifieds\themes, create a new folder and name it whatever you want (your theme name).
  • Copy all folders and files inside of the default theme (\components\com_djclassifieds\themes\default) and paste into your new theme folder you just created.
  • Go to the DJ Classified configuration page, then to the tab 'views', then select your new custom theme.

You can modify anything inside your theme folder... or you can create new files. As you can see, there isn't anything inside the 'views' folder of your theme.

So, for example, if you want to create a new item details (or main advert page) template:

  • Inside the 'views' folder of your theme, create a new folder, 'item'.
  • Then, copy the file \components\com_djclassifieds\views\item\tmpl\default.php into that new folder ('item') that you just created inside your theme.
  • Modify the new default.php file at will!

Please note that the item details page is divided into many sections inside the /item/ folder. The default.php file I just used as an example calls those other files (like default_images.php) into it. You can alter the main structure by moving these sections around inside the main default.php file... or change the outside classes or IDs and such.

So, basically, anything inside the main component views folder (\components\com_djclassifieds\views) can be re-created inside your new theme folder... just remember to keep the folder structure as demonstrated above in the example.

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