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Already spent hundreds on Community Builder and think it's too much to pay another $200 for CB Subs?

There are many membership extensions available at a fraction of the price of CB Subs.  Here's a few of the more popular ones I've looked at:

Membership Pro
This is the extension I chose for several reasons.  First, it has a good rating from a lot of users on the Joomla Extensions Directory.  More importantly, I've purchased a component from them before, Event Booking.  The component had minimal bugs compared to other Joomla extensions and the developers were very helpful.

Starts at $99
I decided not to go with this one because of the high price tag.

OSE Membership™

I decided not to go with this one before even looking at the price.  The broken English was bad enough.  But then I see horrible typos (like words typed twice in a row).  From past experience, I believe that when an extension developer's website shows signs of neglect and a lack of care, it will reflect in the extension and probably the support for that extension.  

Account Expiration Control
Around $100
This one has an extra benefit of an affiliate program integration, but it doesn't say if it includes that or of you have to purchase an extra extension.  And when trying to check the details, I just encountered a broken link on their site.  Again, developers' site neglect could reflect on their extensions.  So I decided not go go further.

My final decision was to try Membership Pro because of their reputation, price, and familiarity with other components they offer.

UPDATE: I've used Membership Pro several times since then and am convinced this is the best solution for an alternative to CB Subs.


0 #1 Geoff Hunter 2015-02-08 16:36
I just wanted to say thanks! I installed Memberships Pro and it seems to work for what I needed CB Subs for. Save $170 with that extension.

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