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I've received well over 20 calls from multiple numbers including 858 859 9010 and 971 264 0755 from who I believed was Google.  They will actually tell you they're from Google Plus... when in fact it's some shady scumbag company trying to scam you.  They sounded legit until they mentioned a flat fee to put you on top of Google Plus listings - which, of course, Google does not and will never do.

The most information I could find out as far as a company - is that they shady scumbags bought the phone numbers (or lease them) from

When they call back - and I'm sure they will, I'm going to figure out a way to get the name of the company.  Maybe I'll tell them I want to buy their service, but I can't use my credit card unless the charges are company related - and ask what it says on the credit card statement.  Maybe that will work.
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Okay... so I wanted to add promo codes to my Google Partners account.  But it needs to associate a Google My Business account with it before allowing promo codes.

So I went through all the trouble to create a Google My Business account.  They had to mail me a verification code.  So I waited...

Received the verification code today.  Logged in and tried to enter it.  Said 'verification failed'.  No explanation... just said it failed.

So I went to my main 'Google My Business' account to see what was happening there.  Said, 'Google My Business listing has been removed for quality reasons'.  What a pain.  And you can't call Google on the weekend.  Horrible experience people must have when trying to add their business.  

I want Google Places back.  Or even better yet, Google Local.
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