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Two years ago, I would say, "go with Godaddy".  At that time I had worked on many websites hosted with different companies.  And it seemed that the ones hosted on Godaddy ran much faster than others.  Their service was much better than others also.  So I was recommending them.  Times have changed.  I now believe that Godaddy is the worst host in the world.  They have the slowest, most overcrowded servers imaginable.  You might get lucky and have a very fast server when you purchase hosting.  Chances are that within a year, they will have soooo many websites on that shared piece of crap server that your server speed will be all but dead.  And they always blame it on your resources.  You're using too many resources, they'll say.  That's BS.  They're using too many resources.

Getting Response: 421 Too many connections (8) from this IP Error: Could not connect to server

The only way to fix that is to switch hosting providers.  Godaddy is a PIECE OF SHIT hosting company.  Their servers are old decrepit pieces of junk with spinning hard drives.  I picture a dirty old warehouse with cob webs across the machines when I picture one of Godaddy's server farms.

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  • It's now been 5 years. And Godaddy has only gotten worse. They just went public. Customer service is non-existent. They only care about their shareholders now. I now do everything possible to NOT have to call them.

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