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About a week ago, I had a client on a shared hosting account.  The server slowed down to a crawl.  I did a reverse-IP lookup and checked other websites that were on the same server... same thing.  They would either not load or barely load.  The TTFB (time to first byte) was around 8 seconds.  So it would take 8 seconds just to connect to the server.  

Called InMotion.  They looked into it and said the server had issues and the best thing to o was to move it to a different server.  In order to keep this from happening again, it was suggested that my client move to a VPS.  And, because of the issues, that they would give him  the introductory rate of $360 for a year.  And that he would also get credited for what he had prepaid on his shared hosting.  The total came to $200+something.  

They were supposed to make the move over the weekend.  On Monday, I checked the cPanel and seen that there was CPU usage issues (sitting at 100% with a fault:1).  So I called.  They said they started the move as scheduled, but didn't finish it and there is no notes as to why.  So they would need to re-schedule.  My client informed me that he was charged the entire $360 so I mentioned that to the tech.  He transferred me to billing.

After 20 minutes on hold, I got the rudest person I think I've ever talked to at InMotion.  She argued and argued that he should not have gotten the introductory offer.  And she kept saying that he was 'billed appropriately'.  She wouldn't stop arguing with me so I just started yelling 'supervisor' at her to get her to stop arguing as the conversation was going nowhere.  She finally stopped and said they would send an email with a supervisor's contact.

I've been with InMotion now for years and haven't had such a horrible experience until now.  I know they are doing some serious advertising and taking on a lot of new customers.  I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not.  We'll see what comes out of this and I'll update the experience...

My conclusion so far is... while I still reluctantly recommend InMotion and have to say they're better than most, ALL hosting companies are ruthless.  There is no such thing as an honest hosting company that's reliable.


Within a week, my client received the email from inMotion and contacted them himself.  He explained what had happened and they refunded him appropriately.  It still is inexcusable, but at least they took care of it in the end.

Around February/March 2017, after a few calls to support, I did anything I could to not call support... the wait times were regularly 40-60+ minutes.  I've recently (April 2017) had to call them a couple times and my wait/hold time was less than 5 minutes both times.  I know they've been growing/expanding rapidly... too rapidly, according to one of the tech support agents, for them to keep up with customer service.  That was at the time of the long wait times.  So it seems like they've caught up.  I have to say I've been happy lately with support.  I should mention that the rude lady that argued was not in the tech support department.

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