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I've heard of 'managed wordpress' hosting from Godaddy and a few other hosting providers before.  But never even wanted to mess with it because I know it's completely unnecessary.  It's just a way for unethical hosting providers to rake in more cash (it's usually a bit more expensive than standard hosting).

Recently I tried working on a project in which the client had several WordPress sites in Godaddy's Managed WordPress Hosting.  She had some issues with some websites.  Which is too bad because, with Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting, you have no control over things whatsoever.  You have no access to files or the file system.  It's the most useless garbage hosting plan I've ever seen in my life!  And completely unnecessary too.  

Do not purchase 'Managed WordPress Hosting' unless you want a website that no one can work on if anything goes wrong.

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