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This is not a bug... it's 100% STUPIDITY

Why???? Why the hell would someone think it's cool to make the batch process for menu items give you a dropdown where you can only see one or two items at a time. It takes scrolling a little on the dropdown, then a little on the full dialog box to accomplish finding where you want to move/copy the menu item to.

I wish I could digitally punch the person in the face that things that was a nice edition to Joomla.

That person should NEVER be allowed to work on the core Joomla code EVER again!

Actually, it's the ISIS Template.  Some retard put the following style on line 8174, which needs to be removed...

.modal-body {overflow-y: auto !important;}

It's probably necessary somewhere else.  But I've seen this over and over... it's not just stupidity, but also laziness.  Extreme laziness.  Too lazy to bother using different classes or ids for different parts of the site.  LAZY!  

So instead of removing the above style, try this... there's less chance of it causing issues elsewhere...

div#j-main-container>div#collapseModal>div.modal-body {overflow-y:visible;}

Imagine that... it's the last line of the style sheet.  It's like the person that created ISIS (thanks, Kyle Bedwetter) decided to screw it up with the last style.

I wouldn't be soooo mad if I didn't have to re-build my entire menu system due to not being able to see what I'm doing when copying items.

Better yet, just change templates.  Who wants to use a template named after a terrorist group anyway?

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