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This is getting ridiculous. As Joomla uses more and more junk code from some specific countries (like Pakistan & India) that are famous for producing the worst code in the world, the CMS is going downhill fast. The latest issues people are having with Joomla is that it needs another update every other day (sometimes every day). And, for some reason, the system is sending out notifications multiple times per day. I've seen as many as 3 or for from the same website. That's just stupid. I think of it as Joomla Update Spam. I've had to turn off update notifications to many sites, leaving them vulnerable to getting outdated, but like many people I'd rather take the chance than get bugged all day.

To boot.... the newest Joomla update is to fix an issue when using an external database. WTF??? Just how many Joomla sites use an external database? Probably 1 out of 5000. Stupid crappy Joomla coders! Really??? That's what I'm getting 150 emails a day for? I think I'm done with Joomla after this last straw. It's not worth installing something for a client that's going to bug the shit out of them [and the developer].

Here's one way I've tried to combat it. The only Joomla email address I can find is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If I find more, I will add them to. So, say you have 50 Joomla sites and you're getting 150 emails per day... go to all those sites, add a new user, put the Joomla email address in, click 'receive system emails', uncheck the usergroup they're assigned to (registered) and check the public user group (so they have no privileges). Now, Joomla will get their own spam from their crappy code that needs fixed on a daily basis.

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