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Interesting stats & useful information about the Google Fi cell provider & Nexus 6

Android 7 was released before support ended for the Nexus 6 (support ended in October 2016).  When you purchase the device, you're paying for the device plus 2 years of support.  It originally wasn't released for the Nexus 6 because of some issues that needed to be worked out.  The rollout for the Nexus 6 was postponed many times... into January 2017.  Being February, I called them about the update issue.

On February 11th, a representative at Project Fi (Google) told me that there was still issues and they will not be releasing the update for the Nexus 6.  I guess they just changed their mind?  I didn't realize you could just 'change your mind' on a contract.

In summary and according to a Google rep that I talked to, if you purchased a Nexus 6, you paid $600 for a phone that supposedly comes with 2 years of support but gets 1 year and 11 months support instead.
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Just wanted to share a little feedback about my 'pay as you use' experience.  According to what I've ready, Google has chosen this type of payment plan in order to get people to use their phones and data more.  It has quite the opposite effect on me.  I find myself deciding not to view long videos or use data when I normally would have before with my unlimited data plan.  I probably stream and share about half as much as I did with Simple Mobile (T-Mobile network).  In my opinion, 1 cent per megabyte is kind of high.  I think of it this way... if I want to watch an hour of TV on the go, it will cost me around 10 bucks.  I used to not care about data, but now I do - very much so.  

Another thing I'm not crazy about is... I get my bill around the 1st.  But there is no way to pay manually.  So, 15 days later, I get hit with a 'surprise' automatic payment.
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The fastest internet speeds I've ever seen - even Time Warner's best internet package available in my area didn't compare to Google Fi on the Nexus 6.  I don't know if it's the area I'm in (Joshua Tree) or what, but I clocked my speed today at 57MB/second.  Blazin fast!  That's actually one of the surprising parts... I was not supposed to be eligible for Google Fi because I had just re-located to Joshua Tree.  So I put my old San Diego address in the sign up form so that I could get my new phone & service.

I can't say which one of their carriers it was coming from... maybe it has the ability to combine Sprint and T-Mobile's speed.  I don't know, but I'm happy with it... especially since I clocked that pretty much in the middle of the desert (Joshua Tree, California).  If I wasn't charged by the GB, I would get rid of cable and just use my phone for internet.  But, using 50-100 GB/month would cost a small fortune in terms of a phone bill.

I was a little concerned that Google Fi would choose the cellular network since it was almost twice the speed of my wi-fi (35MPS) and use my data.  But, after a call to Google Fi, they said that won't happen.  It will still choose the slower wifi signal - which is good news.

Other than that, everything else on the Nexus 6 seems perfect.  Except for the camera sometimes.  It seems that I have to take 3 or 4 pictures to get a clear one.  With Optical Image Stabilization, I wouldn't expect that.  But, one good thing about Android and Google is that they can always fix something with an update.  So I'll just hope for that.  Connection has bee unreal... As of about a month, I've not heard the slightest glitch in audio or had a single dropped call.  About as perfect as reception can be in a phone.

Little Update... I've since clocked it at nearly 100MB/sec.
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