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Android 7 was released before support ended for the Nexus 6 (support ended in October 2016).  When you purchase the device, you're paying for the device plus 2 years of support.  It originally wasn't released for the Nexus 6 because of some issues that needed to be worked out.  The rollout for the Nexus 6 was postponed many times... into January 2017.  Being February, I called them about the update issue.

On February 11th, a representative at Project Fi (Google) told me that there was still issues and they will not be releasing the update for the Nexus 6.  I guess they just changed their mind?  I didn't realize you could just 'change your mind' on a contract.

In summary and according to a Google rep that I talked to, if you purchased a Nexus 6, you paid $600 for a phone that supposedly comes with 2 years of support but gets 1 year and 11 months support instead.

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