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Really?  Candy Crush Saga by default in Windows 10? Okay... let's remove it.

As if we don't get Candy Crush Saga shoved down our throat enough through Facebook.  Now Microsoft sticks it in Windows 10.  

You should be able to remove it by right-clicking it on the start menu, then clicking 'uninstall'.

There is another way if that doesn't work, but it's a little more complicated.  You need to do it through Windows Powershell.

1. Open Windows Powershell
  • Click on the Windows icon.
  • Click on 'all apps'.
  • Scroll down and find Windows Powershell - then click that.

2. Type the following into the application that opens: Get-AppxPackage -Name

3. Remove Candy Crush Saga
  • Look for the line that says 'PackageFullName', and copy the text on the other side of the colon (:).  It will start with 'king'.
  • Now, the next thing you want to do in Windows Powershell (the app that's open) is type 'Remove-AppxPackage'.  Follow that with a space.  Then paste what you have already copied (the 'PackageFullName').
  • Then hit enter.  The package should be uninstalled.
This still really annoys me.  That's because I've probably spent hours and hours over the past few years deleting Candy Crush Saga notifications on Facebook.  Even though I've never played Candy Crush Saga, it's my least favorite game in the world for that reason.

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