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Website security is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.  And the U.S. Government is not helping.  They're doing quite the opposite.  Not only do they not seem to care or prosecute for real issues like hackers ruining small or medium sized businesses on the web, but they are on the hacker's side.  The U.S. government is no better than cyber criminals and cyber terrorists... at least not since they've decided a tiny bit of data on an iPhone is more important than the security of millions of iPhone users worldwide.  So the world's leaders in the tech industry must be wrong about a cyber security issue and the FBI must be right, huh?  Sorry but had to get my opinion out there somewhere on this ridiculous news story.

So do you help protect the world against cyber terrorism or satisfy around a dozen ignorant families in San Bernardino?  This could also just be a ploy for the U.S. Government to get their hands on the 'key' to unlocking iPhones... and eventally Androids or ANY phone.  Scary thought.

I'm on Apple's side, Google's side, Facebook's side, Twitter's side, and the list keeps going.  I don't think there's a tech company that could ethically be on the side of the FBI.  With the exception of Microsoft, who said they were on the government's side for a week then changed their mind.  But that's typical of Microsoft... they're more about the money and politics than they are about the ethics - of pretty much any matter.
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