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UPDATE: DO NOT USE SSLFORFREE!  It is a total SHIT website now.  Something called ZeroSSL.  ZeroSSL = dirty scumbags!  It no longer works.  Like any good thing on the web, it doesn't last.

I've been using for a while now... for some of my sites and also my clients.  It's cool that it's free, even though it only lasts for 3 months.  Here's the problem... 

They remind you when your certificate is about to expire.  You get an email at midnight saying it will expire in 1 day.  By the time you wake up, it's expired.  If you have no traffic on your site, or very low traffic, it's probably not a big deal.  However, if you do have traffic or regular visitors, you don't want the certificate to run out.  What are you supposed to do?  Get out of bed at midnight and update the certificate?  I can't help but think that they know what's going on.  They coded their own software most likely, so they have control over this.  I don't know what their motive is behind making your certificates expire while giving you a false sense of security, but it must be something.

I still use the service, but I do NOT trust them to notify me when my certificate will expire.  I use Google reminders/calendar to do that now.  And I tell my clients to do the same since you can't trust their notifications.
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