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Ok... here was my first issue. I was using PHP Storm and I went to edit a PHP file. Got a PHP error. The file ends with <?php and not sure which... either a tab or a few spaces. I found the error was because PHP Storm was removing these characters at the end of the file. They are necessary as it connects within another file. Any editor that manipulates code with no explanation is worthless. Of all things, an IDE shouldn't be manipulating text (warnings and code-completion are fine).

So I tried Eclipse. Worked fine as far as not altering code. But there's no word wrap??!! What? Who wants to scroll horizontally in order to see the rest of longer lines? Even good ol' basic Notepad has a word wrap. Yea, I know, there's plugins for it. But every one I've found says it creates an issue with line numbers not being correct or is only avail until 'Luna' (no edition for Mars). And that's no good either. When I come across an error on line #..., I want to be able to find it instantly.

I guess the easy solution would be to get PHP Storm to stop manipulating my code. I've tried turning several things off in the settings, but it keeps deleting the trailing space that's needed. And that's just one example, btw. I see file sizes changing by a couple kilobytes now and then. Usually trailing spaces or tabs I think. If anyone has any suggestions...?

Another fix would be if there is such a thing as a word wrap plugin for Eclipse V Mars 1.0) that doesn't result in incorrect line numbers.

Lastly, a solution would be an IDE that resolves these issues other than Eclipse or PHP Storm (I know, PHP Storm is built on Eclipse).

So frustrated. I would hate to have to use Notepad for code editing as I like color coding and the file structure beside the editor.

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Navigate: C:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\PhpStorm 7.1.3\bin

Add these last 2 highlighted lines to end of the file, PhpStorm.exe.vmoptions:


 Personally, I didn't notice a difference from this, but many other users have.

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