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This is the first of a long list of bugs I've found in JS Jobs that need to be fixed for the component to be useful.

There is an issue with the data when editing the Resume.  Under employer, there's a from date and to date.  They have input boxes and also calendar links.  For some reason there is no calendar icon... just an empty little rectangle.  Guess they just forgot to upload the icon image or something.  I'll include a link to download a calendar icon.

First you have to get rid of the input boxes.  If the user enters a date manually in the wrong format for what the database is expecting, or if they enter anything in there like 'still employed'... you will get the spinning 'loading' icon that doesn't go away.  The only thing you can do is refresh the page.  By that time, the data has been entered into the database and will throw up errors multiple places (like when you try to view the resume) like the one below (copied from Chrome Console)...

Failed to parse time string (still employed) at position 0 (s): The timezone could not be found in the database)

So, get rid of the input boxes.  Actually, you can just hide them with a simple CSS style...
input#employer_from_date, input#employer_to_date {
display: none;
You can download a nice looking datepicker (calendar icon) here.

Then upload that to your images directory (/  And add the corresponding CSS to display it:

span.icon-calendar {
background: url('/images/datepicker.png') no-repeat;
display: block;
width: 32px;
height: 34px;

Once you input dates via the calendar icon, you will still see the spinning 'circle of death'.  Unfortunately, you'll have to go into the database and remove whatever values are in there that are not in the correct format.  It's located in the 'js_job_resumeemployer' table and in the columns 'employer_from_date' and 'employer_to_date'.  You can safely delete the values.

I know... it's like this component was released without any testing.

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