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JS Jobs doesn't seem to play by the rules when it comes to language overrides either.  I wanted to change 'application title' to 'resume title'... since it's a resume.  That just seems obvious to me.  This is just the first of probably 100s of language overrides I'm going to have to deal with as the grammar in this extension is horrible.  And it almost seems like it's so bad just out of laziness.  I feel like I should be paid instead of paying for this component considering how much work you have to to do make it usable.  Not to mention there are 7 instances showing up when you try to do an override in the language manager for 'JS_APPLICATION_TITLE'.  Like, really?  Do you guys have no idea how to make a Joomla component?  There are tons of language files and they don't seem to be used.  Therefore, the file itself will have to be altered.  Actually, it can't.  It's pulled from the title of the database column when creating or editing a resume.  You can change it in the file, view_resume.php, so at least it doesn't look stupid when others are looking at it.  But I don't recommend changing the database columns as it could cause major issues elsewhere.

Same for 'Cell'.  That should be 'Phone'.  We still call them phones in the U.S.

Just tons of grammar/spelling issues.  Another example, it says 'reason for leaving' on the resume.  But when you edit it, it says 'leaving reason'.  Just not professional.

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