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Craigslist will start charging for posting on Computer Gigs starting March 15th according to the website.  For some regions it will be $5 and some will only be $3. 

Is this a good thing?  I think so.  First, it should alleviate some of the spam.  I've been complaining about the amount of spam on Craigslist for years.  It deters legitimate businesses from posting projects when they see a bunch of crap like "Earn money from home", "are you sick of your job", "Amazon reviewers", etc.  They're all trash posts and make the whole category look bad.  Most of them aren't even readable with the amount of broken English, etc.  Can't wait until those dirty spam factories get shut down - at least in Craigslist Gigs category.

Second, it will alleviate some of the 'cheapos'.  The people that offer no pay.  Or the people that offer 50% of the business, that is making zero presently.  Who in their right mind even respond to such garbage offers.  "I have an idea...".  Don't we all? I have plenty of ideas that I would create websites or web apps for if I had plenty of time on my hands and plenty of money.  But, if you're looking for projects on CL, you're probably not in that boat either.  Oh, and my favorite... "I need a college student...".  That's basically saying, "this is not paid".  Hopefully if these cheap-skates don't have money to pay for development of their business they also won't have that 3 or 5 dollars to post.  I've found that most of these people don't have plastic windows and cardboard walls in their physical storefront, but they want the cheapest possibly solution for the part of their business that could make or break it (the online presence). 

Anyway, for now I'm all for Craigslist charging $3 or $5 per post in Computer Gigs in hopes that it will again be a good place to post projects and a good place to find projects.  When posting projects, you'll still get inundated with junk from Pakistan & India claiming they can do the job for $10/hour.  Of course if you're gullible enough to bite that hook, you'll be dealing with broken English, availability of 2am to 6am, and the worst coding for your business possible.  Eventually, you'll just have to hire someone in the U.S. to clean it up and fix it, which will probably cost more than having it done here in the first place.
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