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I first thought that it was Ubuntu that was the root of all my issues and was on the verge of giving up on Linux entirely, with the new installation of 18.04 Bionic Beaver.  Turns out that it wasn't Linux or Ubuntu at all, but was Gnome.  Gnome is, in the words of the founder of Linux, a failure in user experience design.  You can read the full article here: Gnome is a total user experience design failure.  I am surprised anyone even uses it since it makes Windows look like the best OS ever.  Anyway, I installed KDE and all my issues went away.  Below is a list of 20 of the most prominent issues I had using Gnome with AMD FX processor on a Dell and also with an AMD A9 processor on an Asus:
  1. Constant random crashes and freezes.Constant random crashes and freezes.
  2. Mouse right click stops working on Chrome.
  3. When you leave a Chrome tab or window, then come back and start scrolling, the page will jump seeminly randomly, but never even close to the position in the page where you were.
  4. USB and Bluetooth mice randomly stop working (and sometimes never work again).  Went through 3 mice in less than a month.
  5. Sometimes shuts down in a couple seconds; sometimes has huge lag of several minutes shutting down.
  6. Alt-tab switches to different window than you stop on sometimes.
  7. Many times, just hovering over something, like items in the side bar or favorites on the left side of a folder view 'grabs' it and drags it.
  8. Sometimes Chrome doesn't ask... just restores all windows from prev session
  9. Chrome takes way longer to open than it does to start up Ubuntu (sometimes close to a minute).
  10. Crashes occasionally when using alt-tab to switch windows.
  11. When using Hangouts, if you're in a call and you receive a text, the call will drop.
  12. Loses network connection and won't re-connect without restart.
  13. Pointer sometimes gets stuck in 'grab' mode when starting up or after running for a while.
  14. Using touch screen, sometimes you have to touch the launcher for an application multiple times (it highlights every time, so that shows it is registering the touches).
  15. Does not see anything else on network (not even NAS).
  16. Hangouts does not work for incoming calls.  It shows the call.  When you click it, it opens hangouts and doesn't show the call.
  17. Mouse gets stuck in 'grab' state.
  18. Bluetooth continuously and randomly turns on and off (sometimes as often as every 20-30 seconds).
  19. Plugins stop working - sometimes completely and sometimes just some features (MetaMask, Colorzilla, etc.).
  20. Aligns new desktop items underneath launcher, so you have to manually move them out from under the launcher.

In summary Gnome Desktop is a complete and utter disaster and detrimental to the continued success of Linux Distros.  Gnome is the worst desktop EVER!
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