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Run expo optimize in your project directory - completely breaks app.
Something went wrong... regularly (have to clear storage on expo, re-sign in)
Warning: ImageStore is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. (with every build... very irritating when debugging)
The following APIs have moved to separate packages and importing them from the "expo" package is deprecated: Location, Permissions. (they specifically show you how to incorrectly use these APIs in the documentation)

Overall, I was very pleased with the documentation on  Very much not the case with Vue-Native.  Worst documentation every.  Inconsistent.  Inaccurate.  Vague.  It's obvious that the writers of the Vue-Native docs are not very familiar with Vue basic syntax (putting semicolons everywhere, etc).

Error reporting is horrible... either not related to the actual error or doesn't show an error (for example, when you forget 'this' before a variable in a function which is defined in the data object).

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