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Web & App Development

Enterprise level website development is for larger companies, corporations, or individuals with the need for a very high-end or complex website, in functionality and/or design, developed in the most professional environment possible.

Our Team

I have a top notch team available to accommodate any level of development, functionality, and quality. Joomla is also the platform of choice when it comes to enterprise level websites as it has unlimited flexibility, scalability, and design complexity - which is needed much of the time when it comes to a corporate or enterprise level internet presence.

Enterprise level Joomla website development comes with the advantage of meeting me in person during the development process... whether you, the client, are located in California, New York, or Japan. Location and travel does not matter when it comes to meeting your goals as a website developer.


Here's a more comprehensive list of benefits you'll receive as an enterprise level client:

  • Meeting and working on-site at your location on a regularity discussed prior to finalizing the proposal.
  • A full team when necessary. This may include additional developers, a graphic designer, and a project manager.
  • Initial design will start with your choice of options in wire-frame documents.
  • End user testing. The website will be tested using beta testers to assure everything is easy to use and provides a pleasant experience for the end user before making your website available to the public.
  • Search engine optimization and marketing using the latest protocols provided by Google along with an initial marketing campaign using Google Adwords.
  • A front end administration area for any kind of functionality needed. This may be things such as adding employees to team pages, adding company blog entries, adding photos or videos to galleries, handling support tickets, etc.
  • Future edits, bug fixes, and instruction for a period of 1 year (extendable).

Individual -vs- Company

As an independent contractor, I will handle the main development and coding myself to make 100% sure it's up to par and everything works as expected. I will then bring in additional developers if needed, a graphic designer, and a project manager if needed. You will benefit from dealing with an individual as opposed to a company. This kind of relationship is not common in the enterprise website development world, but can be huge advantage for the client.

With this level of development and support I will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will not find that with a typical enterprise level website development company.


What is Joomla? Joomla is one of the best and most flexible content management systems (CMS) in the world. The possibilities and options of this system are unlimited. Joomla is a database driven system. Meaning that every aspect of your site is stored in a database. This makes storing and retrieving information on your site very clean, organized, and easily manageable. Menu items, images, articles/pages, settings... you name it... will be stored in an organized manner in the database.

Who uses Joomla? The United Nations, Ebay (for an internal community), Barnes & Noble,, Peugot, Mexico City (government), Ikea, McDonald's, Guaranty Trust Bank (one of the largest companies in Africa), Heathrow Airport, Holiday Inn, Harvard University, and Linux - just to name a few.

Learn more about Joomla at or watch a video on Joomla.

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