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I do like PayPal.  However, they need to stop outsourcing to cheap amateur coders or companies in other countries in order to save a few bucks.  I recently tried to put the PayPal Credit promotional banners on my site.  I don't know what they did to create these banners, but they completely break 100% of the elements on my pages.  Total garbage code.
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How is it that the king of telling us that everything needs to be mobile friendly can't produce a mobile-friendly recaptcha?  The new nocaptcha recaptcha says it's responsive (and I think mobile friendly).  But it's not at all.  I thought I would be done with having to create a separate contact form for mobile just because of the old recaptcha, but nope.  Still going to have to create 2 forms ever time I use Google recaptcha (or nocaptcha).

I should mention that if the pictures don't come up - just the 'click me' button, it's fine.  But hard to tell when the pics are going to show.
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I'm talking specifically about Joomla & WordPress pre-fabricated templates that use the Bootstrap framework.

I hate bootstrap.  It's generic.  Very generic.  And as a developer, there's nothing I hate more than going to work on a site built by some amateur using a free or premium WordPress template - where bootstrap was used. And seeing all the unnecessary styles piled on top of each other over and over.  It's a giant mess.  Tons and tons of classes and styles crammed into elements everywhere.  Nothing comes out the way expected on the front end until you override the bootstrap styles.  It makes a mess out of what could be a nice clean template.

In my opinion, it's for amateurs that don't want to learn how to make it look the way they want by themselves.  It was created by developers at Twitter.  It has one thing in common with Twitter... it's unnecessary.
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