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I didn't realize people weren't able to comment on my articles for several months. It seems that when you change your site to a secure site (add SSL), there is something in the component that's supposed to see that and request recaptcha from Google at instead of But it just keeps trying to use the API via the non-secure URL. I fixed it by going to line 50 (at the time) in /components/com_komento/classes/captcha/recaptcha.php and changing the line that has the non-secure URL into it so that they both have the secure URL. You would have to change this back of course if you get rid of your security certificate. And not sure if it will get overwritten with an update. But, things like this, I would assume would be found and fixed in the next update. But who knows. Some of these extension developers really don't care. They just want you to purchase the pro version. And sometimes these bugs are purposely put into the code in order to get you to buy the pro version so you can ask them to fix the bug they purposely created. Very unethical. But there are a lot of unethical coders in the world... not sure if Komento is one of them or not.

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